Sunday, May 13, 2007

Something About Me

Something About Me choices made here finally!

Here is a quick list
The Historian
The Mayor of Casterbridge
So Many Books, So Little Time
The Stand
Educating Esme

So Many Books, So Little Time

I have just finished this book by Sara Nelson and managed to read it in...ooh a day! It was great to read a book by someone who gets me, basically like all the other lit blogs out there. Although I haven't read a lot of her reads, and some of them hadn't heard of them, it was still very enjoyable and I have added a few more books to my wish list. I recognised myself a lot in these pages, taking ages to choose just the right book, always carrying a spare just in case etc!
This will be one of the books on my Something About Me challenge, now I am off to go and choose some others.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Abortionist's Daughter

Finished this earlier today and am now reading Sara Nelson, 'So many books, so little time' which I am enjoying immensely as its!

I have just spent about an hour or so catching up on blogs, wow you guys have been reading some good books!

This past week or so I have brought 3 books and received three books through bookcrossing.

I have also applied for a few jobs so am permanently walking around with my fingers and toes crossed for good luck.

Have also been reading some childrens books to recommend to my class, trying to vary their reading choices!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

RL Reading group

Well last night I went to my first real life reading group- it was a lot of fun but little chat about the book! this was mainly because noone really liked the choice but it was a nice group and I look forward to our next meeting. The next book up to read is To Kill a Mockingbird which I have wanted to read for ages so I am pleased with that choice!

I have been very good and not bought any books in the past few days although I have swapped some and received some bookrings on BookCrossing so my TBR pile is GROWING!

Many thanks to Dewey who ran a contest which I won! Read their blog here, very fab it is indeed!

And finally one and a half applications written, 2 and half to go. So tired but so want to make them brilliant to get a new job. But must go to sleep now, lovely to catch up with everyones blogs again!