Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What's in a name Challenge

Am hoping to sign up for this challenge too, the What's in a Name Challenge?
Dates- 2008
Challenge- Read one book from a set of given categories (details below with my choices)

1. A book with a color in its title -Crimson Petal and the White by Michael Faber
2. A book with an animal in its title- The Goldfish Bowl- Married to the Prime Minister by Cherie Blair and Cate Haste
3. A book with a first name in its title- Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee
4. A book with a place in its title- A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marine Lewycka
5. A book with a weather event in its title-Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy
6. A book with a plant in its title-Extra Virgin: Among the Olive Groves of Liguria by Annie Hawes

All to help me get down my TBR!


Debi said...

Welcome to the challenge--thanks for joining in! I hope you have fun!

--Annie said...