Saturday, June 09, 2007

Black Swan Green and Purple Hibiscus

Finished Black Swan Green this morning, started Purple Hibiscus and finished it about 5 minutes. A glorious day reading, it was lovely. I am now trying to decide what to read next!

It is wonderfully hot here and I am thinking of going for a lovely long walk along the river. Hmm decisions, decisions.


Bookfool said...

Both of these are on my wish list!! Glad you're having good weather. It was in the upper 90's, here. Uck.

pussreboots said...

I listened to an audio version of Black Swan Green but I'd like to read it some time. It's on my wishlist. First though I need to get through my current TBR pile before I start letting more books into my house. LOL! Happy reading. :D

Book Buzz Moderator said...

We're doing Purple Hibiscus on the book club I moderate in Toronto, Canada.
It's such a great book, isn't it? said...

Yes she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.