Friday, June 08, 2007


The lovely kookiejar at Fraternity of Dreamers and the equally lovely Bookfool and Gentle Reader posted this meme type thing and I thought I would try it out and see how many I could list. So '8 random facts about myself.'Hmm stuck already lol!
1) I love to dip my finger in the marmite jar and lick it (don't worry I am the only one who eats from the jar!)
2) Many people don't know the real me including work colleagues.
3) I can't touch a tea towel with dry hands.
4) I collect hobbies-do something for a few weeks to months and then give up. Reading is the only thing that remains in my life.
5) My secret dream is to be a published writer (don't we all)
6) Linked to 5) I would hate to be famous.
7) I detest having my photograph taken. A lot.
8) I am obviously rubbish at these things because I can't think of a number 8!
There are some other memes I need to catch up on so will get to those this weekend.


kookiejar said...

Those are interesting. I hate being photographed as well (wouldn't be able to tell from the number of times I've appeared on my blog, would you?)

Do tell. What does Marmite taste like? We don't have that here. said...

Marmite is luvverly!

Dewey said...

Marmite is too strong for me to eat plain! And so salty. I mostly use it to richen up gravies. said...

lol! Most people I know grimace when I let them into that little secret:)

Bookfool said...

Thanks for doing the meme, K!

I'm afraid of marmite, myself. It sounds kind of . . . well, disgusting. But I've never tried it - just *read* about it. Figures, doesn't it?

I can totally relate to your #5 & 6. Actually, I am a published writer but not in any way worth mentioning. I can't bear to think of becoming famous. If I were to ever write something on the order of a bestseller, I'd be a reclusive author, no doubt.

I'm realizing we have a lot in common. I also have "collected" many hobbies, over the years. And, no, most people don't know the real me (at least where I live), although that wasn't always true. I just happen to not fit in and haven't developed many really deep friendships in the South. Hmm. Maybe I should try harder to play Southern. LOL

I hate having my picture taken, too. Put me behind a camera, not in front of it!!! said...

I am glad we have something in common- it means I am not the only one!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm...I don't even know what marmite is!! I don't get out of the states all that often!!

I would love to be published. I just don't think I have the creativity for it!! But I'll gladly read that ARC when YOU have one!! And I HATE having my picture taken too!! ALOT!!

Oh well...good to see you back! I've been wondering where you happend off to!

CoversGirl said...

5 and 6 and 7 are very me. I'm yet to work out how to publish a bestseller without becoming famous (or even how to write a bestseller) but it does allow for a lot of fun playing with pseudonyms.

Gentle Reader said...

I'm so glad you did this meme! I've never tasted marmite, must try to find it at one of those great imported food stores...