Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Enduring Love, Miss Read and nearly back to school

Bookish stuff first. I am just over half way through Ian McEwans Enduring Love and I can't decide if I love it or hate it if that makes sense. I find the main character so blimmin' annoying but I am fascinated by how the story will pan out. Oh well I will keep plodding on! I got a copy of Brave New World through Read It Swap It today in preparation for my next read on the Dystopian Challenge. I also went to the charity shop and picked up three of the Miss Read books (example here), have never read any of them before but she apparently details an idyllic village life with some school stuff in there.

And so on to school. Just under a week left until term starts. I popped into my new classroom today and it feels more like mine every time I go in there. It is starting to look great with all the displays and bits I have up on the walls. There is very little blank space and I got loads of really great resources over the summer. I still have so much to get ready and I feel nervous about getting a new class but am excited too.


Gentle Reader said...

I read one of the Miss Read books years ago and thought I might enjoy more from the series. I wonder as a teacher how you will like them!

a.book.in.the.life said...

I have heard good things about them but I will let you know!