Monday, November 05, 2007


Hello all, just got home from work and had a glorious read on the bus. However as I get older I seem to be losing the ability to read in cars and buses, I start to feel really sick. It's so annoying because when I was a young lass I could read for hours and not feel the slightest bit ill (well unless I ate a big bag of sweets or something!) I am sat here waiting to go pick my mum up at the train station as she is visiting us for a few days and watching the glorious fireworks out of the window. I do like Fireworks night although I grimace at the cost of garden style fireworks but I think the organised ones are something great! Off to grab ten minutes of reading the House at Riverton and make my heart stop beating fast after that huge rocket made me jump!
Au Revoir!

p.s And goodness knows what the French is about, it just popped out!
p.p.s I am just over 7,000 words on my NaNoWriMo- how cool is that!


Petunia said...

7000 words? What a great start! Maybe you'll share an excerpt? said...

Ooh I am too shy for that lol! Maybe a sentence or two:)