Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Idle chat reveals spoilers!

Speaking in the staffroom today and someone revealed spoilers for the book I am reading! No!!!! I am now even more intent to finish it quickly to see if they were winding me up. I have finally set up google reader which will tell me when all the blogs I have on the sidebar have updated- it was taking me ages to check them regularly for updates so this should give me more reading time.

My NaNoWriMo has halted at 7,000 ish words as I feel bad while mum is visiting. Just watching a programme showing real life autopsies, strangely compelling but strange. I need a good to lose myself in to get rid of these images!


Stephanie said...

Oh man. I HATE when that happens!! Of course, most of the people I know aren't readers.

iliana said...

I hate it when that happens! Someone did that at one of my reading groups one time - they spoiled pretty much the rest of the mystery series. I couldn't go on with it.

aloi said...

oh no! that's really annoying!

P.S. i added you to the bookblogblog at bookblogblog.blogspot.com. hope you dont mind, pls check the info i put in :) would really appreciate if you spread the word!

a.book.in.the.life said...

Thanks I will take a look!